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Literacy Program The Wayuu people have limited education, most are illiterate and few have hopes of finding a job. Bread of Hope has partnered with the Renacer en Cristo church to build a community center where we invite the Wayuu people to come and receive life skill training. This includes all the practical skills needed for everyday like […]



Bringing The Gospel to the Wayuu people is challenging in many ways, but language barriers stand as our greatest hurdle. To help overcome the language gap, Bread of Hope has partnered with Faith Comes By Hearing to provide the Wayuu people with access to The Gospel in their native tongue. We do this with a device called […]



Approximately 85% of the Wayuu people live in poverty. Bread of Hope empowers local Churches to restore their value by meeting physical needs like food, water, shelter and wellness. We provide food by distributing meals throughout Wayuu communities. Because the Wayuu live in areas that are overrun with trash, they have no access to clean drinking […]

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The Wayuu people

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The Wayuu are known as the people of the sun, sand, and wind. They are located in the arid Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. The Wayúu language is part of the Arawak family and is called Wayuunaiki. the Wayúu have faced tremendous discrimination and exclusion, particularly in Colombia. For instance, Wayúu lands on […]


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Mark’s Story

Kreikemeier Family

I’m Mark Kreikemeier and I live in Alpharetta, Georgia with my wife and three children. In 2009, I reluctantly went on a mission trip to Venezuela with eight folks from our church, First Baptist Church Alpharetta. One evening our mission was to deliver food to the people of Maracaibo. The local church member picked which […]

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Summer 2015 NEWSLETTER


Local Pastors, the heart of our ministry


Local pastors are the heart of our ministry in Bread of Hope.  They are the ones working each and every day in their communities reaching the Wayuu people for Christ.  When our mission teams leave, they are the ones responsible for overseeing the discipleship process in new Wayuu believers.  One of our most inspiring local […]

Serving our Wayuu brothers and sisters


On April 2nd, our local staff and 8 volunteers in Maracaibo, Venezuela traveled to Amatunao, Colombia to spend their Easter weekend sharing God’s love with the Wayuu. Amatunao is a small Wayuu community about 8 hours away from Maracaibo by car. The Wayuu there live in the middle of a deserted, dry landscape in a […]

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